Tuple in Swift

What is Tuple?

Tuple is a data type in swift which can hold multiple values.

Creating a Tuple

simple way

let person = ("sandesh", "sardar", 27)

using named parameter

let person = (firstName:"sandesh", lastName:"sardar", age:27)

creating empty tuple

let person : (String, String, Int) 
let person : (firstName:String, lastName:String, age:Int) = nil

Reading from a Tuple

to read and store all tuple value in different variable

let (personFirstName, personLastName, personAge) = person
personFirstName //output: "sandesh"
personLastName //output: "sardar"
personAge //output: 27

to read only particular values use “_” to ignore

let (personFirstName, personLastName, _) = person

read specific tuple value and store to variable

let firstname = person.0   //output: "sandesh" 
let lastname = person.1   //output: "sardar" 
let age = person.2   //output: 27

if tuple is with named parameter

let firstname = person.firstName   //output: "sandesh" 
let lastname = person.lastName   //output: "sardar" 
let age = person.age  //output: 27

Returning a Tuple from a Function

func personDetails() -> (firstName:String, lastName:String, age:Int){
let firstname = "sandesh"
let lastname = "sardar"
let age = 27
return (firstname, lastname, age)

Access Control and Tuples

A tuple’s access level is determined by its constituents, and is not set directly like you would for a property or function.  A tuple’s access level will be that of its most restrictive component.  So if one type is private, and the other is public, the tuple’s access control will be private.

A Tuple is a Value Type

var fullName = ("sandesh", "sardar")
var personFullName = fullName
personName.0 = "Harshal"
fullname.0  //output:  "sandesh"
personFullName.0  //output : "Harshal"


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