Optional and Unwrapping in swift

What is optional type in Swift?

An optional type basically means that the variable can be nil. optional is indicated by question mark (?)

Variable with optional type

var someNumber : Int? = 4  // The (?) indicates that someNumber can be nil
someNumber = nil  //can assign nil value to optional variable

Variable without optional type

var someNumber : Int = 4
someNumber = nil   // nil cannot be assign to type Int  //Can not do this

What is unwrapping?

To get the value from variable if it is optional, we have to unwrap it. This just means putting an exclamation point (!) at the end.

Force Unwrapping

If we declare variable as optional and if we want to use that variable we have to forcefully unwrap it.

var someNumber : Int? = 4
print(someNumber)  // "optional(4)" //without unwrap
print(someNumber!)  // 4 //with unwrap

Automatic Unwrapping

If we unwrap variable before hand we can assign nil value to variable also we don’t have to unwrap variable explicitly.

var someNumber : Int! = 4
print(someNumber)  // 4 //automatic unwrap

If we unwrap value beforehand it should not be nil.

var someNumber : Int?
someNumber = nil
print(someNumber)  // "nil"
var someNumber : Int!
someNumber = nil
print(someNumber)  // gives error 


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