Differences between Objective-C and Swift

Major differences between Swift and Objective-C

1.Code Readability : 

Objective-C : Objective-C code is not easily readable, most of new developer found it difficult to learn, have to give semicolon (;) after every statement end.

Swift : Swift is easily readable language, resembles english language. New developer found it easy to learn and understand.

2.Code maintenance :

Objective-C : Objective-C has two file .h and .m it makes code size bigger also its difficult to maintain both file for every classes in project file structure.

Swift – Swift has only one .swift file, which helps developer to maintain code nicely. Also it creates less file in projects file structure.

3.Code execution time:

Objective-C : Objective-C takes more execution time as it built complete code every time if any changes are made in code

Swift – Swift takes less execution time as unchanged files does not compile.

4.Easy and clear Syntax:

Objective-C : Objective-C we have to give semicolon (;) after every statement end. Also need to write lot of square brackets in code

Swift : There is no need to give semicolon (;) at statement end. swift omits square brackets syntax.

5.Strong typing

Objective-C : In Objective-C we need to define type every time.

Swift – Swift is intelligent enough to define type by its own.

6.Powerful concepts and features

Swift – Swift has new features like Tuples, Optional, error handling using “if let” and “guard” also improvement in features like enumeration, switch, control flow (if..else, do statement)


Swift – Swift is future language of apple (macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS).


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