Best Design practice for iOS apps

Great app only becomes great if along with great functionality its has easy, user friendly, according to content of app design and if follow apples design guidelines.

This blog is about basic but important things iOS developer should always keep in mind while designing an app.

1. Text Size

1.Text should be at least 11 points so that user can see text easily without zooming.

2.Use text colour which can be easily visible on given background colour.

3.Use text size according to content, header should have higher text size than its sub header or content.

4.Keep proper spacing between letters and line spacing.

If you want  to learn how to add custom font please fell free to contact me.

You can read and watch about iOS fonts on following link

2. Tap target size

For easy interaction with app create controls that measure at least 44 points x 44 points so they can be accurately tapped with a finger.

3. Use iOS own controls

It is always good to use iOS own control over custom. for ex. use switch or segment instead of custom radio buttons.

4. Images

Always use high resolution images with @2x and @3x images or it will appear blurry on the Retina display.

If you don’t have designer to convert images in different sizes you can use the Prepo app. This app will convert images in all sizes for you on single click . Provide large(@3x) image to Prepo while converting images otherwise images quality will decrease while converting @1x to @3x.

If you want to learn how to use prep app please contact me 

If you want to know more about apple iOS design please refer following links

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Apple design award

Please find following links and get inspired  by watching apple design award and also refer design of  all awarded apps


Hope you find this blog useful. Please feel free to contact with me in case you have any query, suggestions.  You can comment, like and follow posts.

You can request any topic related to Swift and iOS development.

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